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tv   Newsline  LINKTV  August 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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it's time now for this hour's news roundup here on nhk "newsline." i'm james tengan in tokyo. japanese government officials have been warning beijing that ties are deteriorating. they've been protesting recent incursions of chinese ships in japanese waters. coast guard offices say five
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government ships helped crews board fishing vessels. they believe they were inspecting as part of law enforcement duties. they issued warnings about the activities in the waters. as intrusions of chinese ships increase, japanese government officials have made a record of the instances public. they posted photos of patrol vessels spotted near the senkaku islands friday through monday. on one occasion, a record high number of 15 vessels sailed together. and as many as 11 ships entered japanese waters in one day. foreign minister fumio kishida sat down with china's ambassador to japan cheng. he said unilateral is unacceptable. japanese officials plan to release an english record on the
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incursions. china and taiwan claim the islands. the u.s. government says its keeping an eye on the events unfolding in the region. >> so we're closely monitoring the situation. we're in close communication with the japanese government regarding their concern. the united states' position on the senkaku islands as stated previously by the president is clear and long standing. the senkaku islands have been under japanese administration since the reversion of okinawa in 1972. >> she said washington will not take a specific stance on the sovereignty of the senkaku islands. u.n. security council members condemning north korea's missile launches have hit an impasse. to release the statement after disagreement with china. last wednesday north korea fired two missiles both believed to be medium range no dongs.
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for the first time one fell into japan's exclusive economic zone. members of the security council gathered to discuss a response. diplomats say the u.s. had a draft statement criticizing the launches. the sources say other members were critical of north korea's actions but wanted to avoid stirring up pyongyang. sources also say china's stalling reflects its opposition to the deployment of an advanced u.s. missile system in south korea called f.a.d. officials at japan's defense ministry are looking to upgrade their defense missile system. and they'll consider the possibility of adopting fad. south korea's ruling party has elected a new leader who has close ties to the president. yi is tasked with uniting the
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party. the previous chief resigned to take responsibility for the conservative party's defeat in april's general election. party members chose yi at a national convention. he had been a chief -- others with similar ties were appointed to key posts. president park looked to win back public support. >> translator: in this o occasi we must change and unite for building a new party that can be trusted by our people. >> park will now have a strong influence on the party's choice for candidate in next year's presidential election. lee vows to get rid of the division in the party.
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a body has been found inside a car likely buried during the powerful kumamoto quakes in april. police say it may be the body of the last person listed as missing. rescuers discovered the car under river rocks downstream of a bridge. it had collapsed from a landslide during the quakes. authorities believe 22-year-old university student yimato was driving near the village on april 16th when he went missing. the discovery was made a day after search operations for the student recommenced. heavy seasonal rains had suspended efforts for two months. police and firefighters are trying to retrieve and identify the body. astronomy enthusiasts will have a reason to visit nara. the image from the ceiling of the tomb could date back over
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1300 years. 358 gold dots represent stars. they're connected by red lines depicting the constellations over ancient china. visitors will also see murals dedicated to the white tiger of the west and the red phoenix of the south. two ancient deities. the exhibition will run for one month. reservations are required. now onto business, japanese. officials have released new data about the economy. the business desk has the details. >> on the amount of capital spending by japanese -- declined for the first time in three months. officials at the cabinet office say it was an 8.3% rise from may. the numbers exclude the shipbuilding and power sectors which tend to see large
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fluctuations. many increase their orders 17.7% as orders for aircraft parts rose. the number for non-manufacturers was also up. managers ordered more during the month. large scale orders pushed up the june figure. but they maintain their assessment that orders are at a stand still saying no significant changes have taken place over the last three months. data from the bank of japan show prices of goods traded among companies fell in july for the 16th straight month. officials say the producers price index is down 3.9% from the month earlier. appreciation of the yen lowered producer prices that petroleum and coal products by nearly 20%. pieces of scrap iron fell about 18% due to a slowdown of the chinese economy. prices of copper and other metals dropped more than 14%.
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the officials say crude oil prices have risen since the beginning of this year. but not by a significant margin. they say oil and the yen's movement are expected to continue influencing producer prices as the domestic supply and demand are largely unchanged. checking the market now. our business reporter giang nguyen has more. >> shows strong volatility a ahead of a holiday here in japan. stocks opened lower. let's see the closing levels this wednesday. the nikkei closed down 0.18% at 16,735 snapping two days of gains. now in the morning the nikkei traded lower on a stronger yen. weak productivity dampened the dollar against major currencies. but in the afternoon many traders bobought on hopes for t
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bank of japan's purchase of exchange traded funds. the central bank decided last month it would buy etf at an annual pace of $60 billllion. as for individual movers, tokyo corporation, a railway operator and real estate d developer her in tokyo saw its shares climb 4.23%. ththat came on thehe heels of ae than 1212% increase in net prof for the april to june quararter. on the flip side, among the bottom performers. shares slipped 7.5%5% after the cosmeticss giant. cut its annual profit by $40 million. markets will be clolosed here o thursday, but trading resumes again on friday. giang nguyen at the nhk market studio. trading was subdued in other markets in the asia pacific region. the shanghai ended the day at 3,018. property and auto sectors led
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the losses. in taiwan, shares there extended their winning streak to a sixth day. gains in financials and semiconductors pushed it to a 13-month high. and in hong kong the hang seng supported by gains in casino operators. and sydney was down almost 0.2%. lower oil prices weighed on the resource-heavy index. japanese officials say for the fourth year in a row the country's food exports have hit a new high in the first half of 2016 with increases smaller than last year's figure due to higher yen. officials with the agriculture fishery ministry said exports rose $3.6 billion. that's an increase of 2.1% over last year. the stronger yen weighed on fish
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and marine products and rough seas led to a smaller haul of scallops, a key export item. officials say they plan to reach their goal of boosting annual food exports to 1 trillion yen or nearly $10 billion one year earlier than their initial 2020 target. the u.s. justice department has handed a japanese autoparts maker a steep fine for price fiching. hitachi automotive systems agreed to pay $55.5 million. the penalty is for violatating antitrust act by fixing the price of shock absorbers sold to u.s. automakers. the justice department says heita chi executives were engaged in activities to keep prices high. a company spokespsperson says they'll hold compliance trading for workers to prevent problems like this from happening again.
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in 2014 they were slapped with a fine of $195 million for fixing the price of other components. food makers in one of japan's snowy regions are tapping into an age old technique that not only keeps ingredients fresh but actually makes them more tasty. it entails using a tradiditiona storage method and it's giving their business a welcome boost. >> translator: >> reporter: a hotel in nagaoka features meals with aged ingredients. the steak for the main dish and the potato in the rich, sweet soup are aged using a special method. >> translator: very delicious. >> reporter: all kinds of food are aged in cellars in the mountains. the cellars are unique to the had region.
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snow placed in the facility in binter doesn't melt even in the summer. it keeps the inside nice and cool. local people call them snow rooms. there are about 40 of them in the prefecture. people have long stored summer vegetables inside the cellars. but thehey've been found to be useful foror another purpose.e. > translator: these days the snow rooms are usedd not jusustr keeping things cool, butut to a foods to improve their quality. >> reporter: the secret is maintaining a humidity rate of more than 90%. and temperatures that stay around freezing. temperatures in refrigerators fluctuate and cause food cells to go bad over time. in contrast, temperatures in snow rooms are stable. researchers think this is why food becomes more tasty with
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aging. 26 small and mid-sized companies in niigata have teamed up to launch a snow room brand. they're selling abobout 60 type of products. the award-winning brand was hatched almost by accident. the owner of a cafe put a bag of coffee beans into a snow room. without giving it much thought. the result was a surprising change in the taste of the coffee. >> translator: the aroma is round and smsmooth. there's a bitter flavor, but it's only an aftertaste. >> reporter: and another found that beans kept in a snow room contained fewer aldehydedes. resesearchers think they w were soshed by the snow. >> translator: aromamatic flavo
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are in the sense. the coffee has a pleasantly bitter taste. >> reporter: on this day a tasting event was held for trial products. one of the entries was a cake made from potatoes whose sugar levels had doubled after being aged in a snow room. >> translator: you don't have to be worried about price as long as the cake is tasty. i would pay $15 for this. how about three pieces for $45. >> translator: let me calculate the break even line. >> reporter: the cake was added to the lineup. >> translator: we must offer products that will appeal to our customers. we can give our products the local taste by keeping them in snow cellars. >> reporter: sales of the snow room brand products surged 60% in just a year. making use of local know-how is helping create new products and new business opportunities deep
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in japan's snow country. >> you can catch our report again online together with a full transcript. look for nhk world and business wrap. and that's for biz. i'll leave you with the markets. on day five of the rio games, japan racked up a number of medals and in rugby it had a
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debut. it pulled off an upset to get to the podium. they faced a strong new zealand team and took the lead in the third minute when they scored a try. the all blacks raced ahead early in the second half before japan leveled. and they scored a conversion. in another blow for new zealand, bill williams injured his achilles tendon and will be out for the rest of the game. they faced great britain next. this time sakai missed the last minute dropped goal and great britain won 21-19. that leaves japan third with one game to go. the top two teams will go through to the next round. on the water, japan's hanada has paddled his way into the history books.
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hehe's the first asian ever to n an olympic medal in canoeing. he took bronze in men's slalom and broke into tears. france won the gold and slovakia took silver. in swimming, record-breaking american michael phelps seized two gold medals in one night. he beat his south african rival who finished fourth in the men's 200 meter butterfly. phelps claimed his 20th olympic gold medal with the victory. japan's sakai took his country's first silver medal. phelps wasn't finished though. he helped his teammates take gold in the 4 by 200 meter freestyle relay. that extends his medal haul to 21 olympic golds. britain won silver, japan bronze in the event. moving to judo, took the top prize. the european champion beat
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travis stevens by a knockout. he ended stevens' dream of becoming the first american man to win gold in the sport. japan's nagate took bronze. the seventh judo medal for the country so far in took b. the seventh judo medal for the country so far in rio. love him or fear him, godzilla is one creature fans can't get enough of. the series has sold 100 million tickets over the years. including the newest version that opened the end of last month. marie anaka reports on godzilla's return. >> reporter: rolling out the red carpet ahead of the opening. >> look the production members are walking towards us on this long red carpet. >> reporter: the length is the same as godzilla's height in the
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movie. 118.5 meters. hasagawa has a starring role. reporte i in t new film, godzilla sdedenly emerges from thpapacifioceaean tting g f panic. coolereads try t devise a plan thoutcome will determinehehe fate of e peopop of japan. the dector wrote the script himself. he wanted to c cate a convincing setting that reflects prest-daday japan.
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>> reporter: the director of special effects decided to make the full computer-graphics godzilla for the latest installment. >> reporter: an exhibition allowed fans a close-up look at how the series has evolved. in earlier times, actors ininhabited full body costume running rampant.
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longtime godzilla watcher shingo remembers it well. his room is crowded with memorabilia. > translator: godzilla goes where it likes, defeats whatever is in its way and protect what is it needs to protect. we can understand why it does what it does. that's why it's admired. >> reporter: the latest rendition, though, left a different impression. >> translator: until now, whether godzilla was aymbol or terror or ally of man kind, we were able to see its intentions clearly. inin t new rsion,n, it exists but we can't see what its intentnsns ar and can't figure out what it's thinking. itit dsn't e en seem angry. the effect is eerie. and quite a change fromrevious godzlas.
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>> reporte marie yana, nhk world. >> and thawas goilla, no me u'reatchinghk "neline." it' time now forheorld weather wi our meteorolost sayaka mori pele inuch o jap fel t blisteng heat andhe humidity ce again toy. sayaka, how do you stay cool? >> well, i usually eat a lot of ice cream. >> it's amazing how you can stay so fit.t. okay, give us ththe latetest. >> sure, yes. this hot weatherer is continuin across many portions of japan. now, today the high rose to 38.1 degrees in shimanto and hita. tokyo had 34 degrees. but it was hotter than average. tomorrow is going to be cooling down in eastern japan, but it's a different story for western japan. there are two layers of high pressure. one is located in the lower
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atmosphere. that's called the pacific high pressure. then the other is located in the upper atmosphere. that's called the tibetan high. they are causing quite high temperatures across western japan and also the korean peninsula and parts of eastern china. the high rose to about 35 degrees in seoul on wednesday. staying quite hot, seasonally hot as we go into the weekend. shanghai 35 degrees persisting into your saturday. tokyo, not too hot. 31 degrees on our mouountain d. into saturday, it's going to be heating up once again. let's go down to the sosouth. we have been watching a severe tropical storm named the kansan. gusts of 126. the system will likely move up to the north and could get clole to j japan by next week. now, tememperatures for asia ar gogoing to be quiuite h hot acre northern areas such as western japan and the korean peninsula
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as i mentioned. now let's go to the americas. hot weather and dry weather is causing wildfifires acroross wn united states, but this is the monsoonn season for the four corners region. so h heavy rainn is causing s s flooding. we have some video coming out of tucson, arizona. the north american monsoon continues to trigger flash floods. parts of a major highway was shut down. phoenix was also hit by floods and downpours filling up dry river beds in the city. flash floods remain in place for almost the e entire s states of arizona and new mexico. more rain is expected for the next several days. there's a remnants of hurricane havier. more rain is expected for the deep south and there's a low
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front affecting central canada. the system caused hail. up to 10 cenenmeters in diameter. this likely hits the northern plains into the next 24 hours. heavy rain is expected. to the south, temperatures are extremely high. 37 in oklahoma city. 37 also in houston. and across the east, 33 in the u.s. capapital on wednesday. now let's go to brazil. there's a front and also low pressure system near rio de janeiro. this sysmm will cause heaeavy rainfallll at timimes and also strong winds as we go into wednesday. so that could affect the games out there. now, as we go into wednesday, 22 degrees for the high and cooling down to 21 on thursday as well as friday. all right. here's the extended forecast.
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hope the weather is looking good in your neck of the woods. i'm james tengan. thanks for watching this edition of nhk "newsline."
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>> you're watching "france 24" from paris. these are the headlines. a new political firestorm for donald trump. the republican nominee says gun right supporters could "find a way to stop hillary clinton." he denies any push to violence saying he was just trying to rally gun owners to vote. the senate in brazil votes to send the country's suspended president to trial. he is accused of fixing the


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